Saturday, June 25, 2011

Turble Robot

Good things come to them that wait... Everyone else gets this post.

So I've been in Chicago since Wednesday at the HOW Design Live conference and thanks to the Hyatt charging you for every dump you take in their toilets, I've been avoiding the "internet fees" as best I can. So no posts. But all is not lost. The great thing about attending conferences is that while you're sitting through self-centered artists talking about how far the perfectly designed stick up their anus goes, you actually get some quality doodle time in (it's actually not like that at all, it's pretty interesting stuff, but there's been a few gems, blech). On one particular morning, I sketched up a delicious little robot for Turble to duke it out with. Then after a night of doing what it is we do in a new city, I stumbled back to my room during the wee hours of the night/morning and did some VERY sloppy Flash work...

Today I went back to that Flash file and did it over... This is the end result.

 The robot enemy is actually a revised version of a robot Dan sketched up a while back for the game.

I've incorporated the previous Turble post's animation to put it into perspective as well. I'm happy with the end result. Sadly the conference is a little more intense over the weekend (and quite good), so I doubt I'll have much time to do anything else before I get back home to my lovely wife on Monday (who I miss terribly right now).

Anyway, that's all I got.

$13.50 for this post,
~ Mark

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