Monday, June 13, 2011

Sonuva Legacy Updates

Legacy always feels incomplete. So today I decided to freaking complete him already! The only move missing for him was a second special attack. It feels like everything he does is already so devastating that I couldn't think of anything else he could do without being a rip-off of some other big boss out there. Fortunately I had one last idea which I decided to execute... He wraps himself in "soul hands" like armor and charges at his opponent. Hopefully this move won't be too cheap...

In addition to finishing up his moves, I thought his finisher could use a little tweaking. The ribcage didn't seem to match the cartoon nature of the animation/illustration styles, so I updated it. There are also a few other tweaks which I won't bother going into because... well, they wouldn't really make any sense unless you've been glued to this game's development like I have.

So go on and give this little image a click and view the carnage!

~ Mark

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