Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turble - Martini Madness

Another Turble Update...

My good friend Dan, when I originally showed him my concepts for Turble, thought the game should be called "Martini Madness", due to the fact Turble's cannon looked like an olive... I love that name. I love it so much that I decided to name Turble's tank "The Martini Madness". However, I wanted to take the tank a step further and hopefully introduce some new elements to the game.

The Martini Madness is now going to be more than just a vehicle... It's going to be a metallic ball made up of rings which will rearrange themselves to form various weaponry and vehicles. This will be Turble's main weapon throughout the game. I imagine as the game progresses the player will be able to upgrade Martini Madness to create new weaponry, etc... Below is a quick animation of how it will probably look in the game. Click the rings and view.
 Yeah, a lot of text for such a little animation, but I'm on a tight schedule this week.

~ Mark

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