Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sonuva Weekend Updates

I was sadly out of town Thursday and Friday and was unable to make any updates... So over the weekend I did an extra amount of development on my never-ending project "Son'Uva"... I was debating spacing these updates out over a couple of days so I could take some time off of working on this game, but I thought a nice long post with lots of content would be more fun to my very few readers...

I realized this past week that I never had any kind of defeated animation for the fighters which would cue the player to finish off his opponent... So that's exactly what I began working on. Defeated animations for the fighters... I have four done and should have the rest finished before the end of the week. Fortunately, they're really quick to animate/illustrate. And that makes me a happy designer. Click the image below to view the animations to date.

Having done these animations, I saw it fit to revisit a few finishers I felt were lacking... Hunter's is the first. I have never been 100% satisfied with how this finisher comes out looking... I've redone it at least twice now and it keeps failing to live up to the others... So I cracked down on it and tried to figure out what made it suck so hard... Not sure if I can explain it, but I think I figured out what the problem was and I believe it to be in a good place now... But you can be the judge, click it.

Gazael was another finisher which I feel I may have cheaped out on due to either time restraints, laziness, or my wife watching me animate a character based off of her... Regardless, the concept was spot on, the execution was off the mark. I went all Michael Bay on it and decided to go bigger, badder and more epic. Not sure how well this one will cooperate when it comes to development, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there... You know how this works. Image. Click. View.

And speaking of bridges to cross, how about bridges to fall off of? I gave a sneak peak of the floating bridge's gruesome ending, but never actually delivered on the goods... So without further adieu, I saved my favorite for last... Here's the Bridge Finisher. Click dangit, click!

Alright, I hope you got your fill of updates for this game, cause I'm fresh out! I'm sure to have more as the week progresses, and who knows, maybe when this game is actually complete, I'll go back to doing some art work everybody can enjoy! ... Don't get your hopes up.

Son'Uva II, maybe?
~ Mark

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