Monday, June 27, 2011

Turble Taters!

This new character might be a little twisted... But it's a cool enemy and I'm keepin' him gosh dangit! If you remember the days of Mario there was a character called "Bob-omb", a walking bomb which would explode if you touched them... Well I've created a character named "Taters". It's a creature stuffed inside a potato sack with a bomb strapped to its mouth. Get too close and it blows up. I actually got the idea from the animé "Ninja Scroll", where one villain would sow people up and stuff explosives in them. Only this character isn't an unwilling creation, he's more like a really diabolical teddy bear.

Ironically, I animated this character while waiting in an airport this morning... Yikes.

As you could probably guess, the name "Taters" comes from this character being a walking potato sack with a label on it that says "Taters"... Anyway, I'm thinking of having him be a creation of "Ragavont".

You can click the image below to view his animation work. You'll notice there's a "hurt" animation for Turble now as well. Boo yah!

Gimme yer' tots!
~ Mark

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