Monday, April 5, 2010

Fire Breathe!

I would just like to say... this weekend ruled. Good weather, good company, good food. I saw a lot of previews for this "How to train your Dragon" movie that's out right now... I must admit I'm dying to see this film. I love dragons. I especially love movies about dragons... Although "Reign of Fire" doesn't count... that was a piece of dragon dookie... and that's a lot of dookie.

So in honor of the Dragon, I took a sketch I drew a long time ago and colored it. It's a lil' Dragon that I have decided to name "Fire Breathe"! ... Dumb name, but it works... It looks like something he'd yell before spitting a fireball or something. And it's full of that poor translated Japanese goodness... which is always pretty darn classy. Here he is!

You know... until about 2 minutes ago, I always thought Puff the Magic Dragon was purple... I was all worried I copied the infamous weed lizard...

~ Mark


  1. from here your flames look like orange slices :P

  2. Crap, I wasn't aware the procedure for preventing spammers was keeping me from gettin' some tail... And here I thought it was my personality;)

  3. that and your lack of putting a ring on it and promising the rest of your life ;P