Thursday, April 15, 2010


You may or may not remember a post I made last year about one of my finals in college where I had to design a deck of cards... I was looking at that and thinking I may want to revisit some of the characters I designed for that someday with the "Four" card being the main protagonist...

I doubt I'd have any clear plot or setting and it'd mostly be insanely abstract... maybe a little violent given the Number Four has blood stains all over his blades... which are also his... hands? Arms?

Eh, who knows... But I had fun doodling these characters again tonight... Featured here are the Four, the Seven and the Eight. Protagonist, Antagonist and... Not-agonist?

Eh, it's late... I'm hoping next week I can continue with the Sonuva updates... which I have not forgotten about... nor have I forgotten about the Faux-tography... All in due time, my children...

~ Mark

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