Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sonuva: Sadis-Jyn

Enter Sadis-Jyn. Master assassin, snappy dresser, and a real eye for color...

Made me some more promotional art for Son'Uva... Not a ton to write about here. Sadis-Jyn is a creation of my good friend, The Keith... And I must say, I'm very happy that I asked him to concept characters for me. He nailed it with this guy. Well played, Das Keet... Well played, indeed.

So yeah, Sadis-Jyn is an assassin, uses spools and stabs people's brains... I don't know where to really go with his back story in the game, but I know I kind of want him to be on the good side of the alignment... There's enough villains in this game, I'm noticing... Or maybe he'll just be neutral... Who knows. I don't want to think right now, been drawing all day and I wanna' get my chill on... So enjoy the art!

Good guys, bad guys... At least they're guys.

That came out weird,
~ Mark

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  1. I might have to order this one from you. Do you sell wall scrolls of this? :)

  2. I sell whatever I feel like giving you... You get a mouse pad.

  3. fine then. but I'm rolling it up like a wall scroll...