Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zombie Superstar

I have been looking for this drawing for almost 4 years now... I'm so happy. I think routinely I actually find this drawing annually and keep it out in the open as a reminder that I need to color it and show the world... but then my place gets really messy and I go into cleaning freak mode... which results in so much organization that nothing is findable. Did I put it with the sketch books or did I put it with the loose paper, is that under my bed or in a closet, is that bed or closet even at my apartment or is it at my parents? Did my parents move?!

... It's just a mess. But regardless, I found it today (It was with the loose paper... in the closet... at my apartment... With Professor Plumb)! So I quickly colored it before it got lost again... it's about that time at my apartment for Spring Cleaning, nothing will be found soon... It's like my own personal apocalypse.

So yeah, you are now bearing witness to one of my favs... The Zombie Superstar. I'm pretty sure he does hip-hop... You'd be amazed how many words rhyme with "Brains"...

Switchin' fo' lanes whiles I'm munchin' on yo' braaaains,
~ Mark

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