Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lil' Creats

I do draw some cute and lovable stuff from time to time...

There's a kid's story I've been wanting to write with my brother for some time now. We've gone through about 100 different concepts for it and we still remain unquenchable in our pursuit of storytelling. Over time, I've come up with various sketches of cute lovable creatures to use... I decided to put them together in this illustration that I have decided to name "Lil' Creats". It's just a made up tale, this isn't anything I'm planning on publishing... not anytime soon at least... and if it ever does get published, it'll say "by mark AND brian marianelli"... Or "brian AND mark marianelli"... he's older and can beat me up.

You know... Lil' Creats could be a rap name. I mean, how many "Lil's" are there rapping out there... Lil' Wayne, Lil' Caesar, Lil' Kim, Lil' John, Lil' Bow Wow... Holy cliché, Batman! I just did a search on wikipedia for "Lil" ... Look at all the rappers that came up!! Ironically, I think they all complain about how the game ain't changin'... They're so ironic.

Needless to say, Lil' Creats are not rappers, though the name does leave room for interpretation... I was thinking "Creatures", but I guess you could take it another way and say they're little cretins... which I'm pretty sure means they have a mental deficiency of some kind. Crap, even in my attempts at cuteness I end up being offensive! I promise, they are not retarded. Er, mentally handicapped... dangit.

Oh screw it, make your own interpretation.

~ Mark


  1. Actually, "cretin" was not at fist a derogatory word. It's was originally used to refer to folks living in the mountain country in Europe who often suffered from iodine deficiency which would often cause mental and physical growth to be stunted. The term is actually a corruption of the word "Christian", used endearingly to describe them, as in, despite their problems and somewhat freakish appearance they are still "Christian" (they still have souls). Over time the meaning was lost and the term is now offensive.

  2. Is the little pink one the gay son of the Alien?

    Spectacular! -beezy

  3. Wow... Thank you, Anonymous, for clearing that up for me... I guess Lil' Creats is now a story of iodine deficient monsters living in the mountains... whom, thanks to Beezy, now breed gay children and are Aliens;)

    Eh, at least I now have a purpose for the use of he term "Lil"...