Monday, April 12, 2010

Old Work HD part 2

There were yet a few more gems hidden within the depths of my Old Work Hard Drive... I couldn't let these go unnoticed. Not to mention it gets me out of having to actually DRAW anything today... It's Monday, I barely wanted to wake up let alone be productive... You know I was actually too lazy to eat food today? I put fat people to shame.

You hear some very interesting conversations in the workplace. I sat next to the reigning champ of awkward. He was a good guy... I just hated listening him talk to his loud boss with the wheezy laugh. They talked dorkanese... but a dialect I haven't heard since computer camp (I never went to computer camp)... What made them the tag team champions of nerd was how hard they tried to be relevant... I can't be too harsh, I mean, talking about the Nirvana is still mildly cool (So long as you're reminiscing about being a rebellious Middle Schooler... and you're 26). But my Cubesville neighbor caught my attention when I heard him speak these words... which are burned in my brain "Yeah, well, what's so fascinating is that, I'll bet you didn't know this, Nirvana used to be the Foo Fighters..." To which Wheezy-Laugh Man replied, "Wow... no way... that's so cool." ... DID YOU CATCH THAT? Nirvana. Used to be the Foo Fighters. I had no choice but to make this...

And for those of you who were born after 1994... go buy a Nirvana album... then learn about their drummer... then buy a Foo Fighter album. In that order.


Then tell me how awesome my childhood was because I'm insecure and need to be reassured.

Much like my present job, I once had to spend my days browsing through endless stock photography websites on a rampant search for the perfect advertisement imagery... It was for a "Father-Daughter" ad... Have you ever typed in Father and Daughter on a stock photo site? You get some really weird stuff... And it's never blatant weirdness, it's incredibly discrete... You could almost call it a visual innuendo of sorts... Either way, I'm fairly certain Fidelity never ran this ad... I'm also pretty sure I was never asked to create a web banner again... Or work there ever again... It's all fun and games till' somebody gets laid off!

But whatever, who needs em', right? There's other finance companies that can appreciate my ideas... Take Charles Schwab for instance! I've seen the commercials, they TOTALLY appeal to up and coming cartoonists, what with all their dialogue bubbles and funny looking cartoon people who distract you from the words coming of their mouths with all their vibrant colors and animation-ness... Apparently, they didn't quite go for my ad... I thought I nailed the message they were going for... Cartoons, money... schwabiness? Who wouldn't trust their money with a strange looking cartoon man? I guess I have a lot to learn about the industry...

So whatever, I could always use a vacation... I was thinking of making a trip up to Maine to see some lighthouses. The pictures always looks very lovely, and plus, it gives me a reason to go visit my lady up in the Vacation State... Yeah, bad idea... my buddy, Beezy, took a trip their a few months ago... I knew the Mainerds were behind a little on the times, but I had no idea they were actually metaphysically LINKED to the past! It amazes me that my girl has survived so long up there... she's a trooper, a real survivor.

This is another reason I don't go on vacations... Sometimes you meet strange men in the woods... sometimes they do things you'd rather forget...

This was a white shirt!
~ Mark

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