Monday, April 5, 2010

Some kind of... Creature... thing... with hands...

I'm always amazed at the stuff that came out of my head during my college courses... As though an art major was ever supposed to use a notebook for its intended purpose of taking notes... I think I may have written the course name and date at the top of the page... I mean, a man's gotta' be organized right?

When it comes to sketching darker creations, I have a habit of placing various limbs where they're not supposed to be... I'm sure if you ran into this thing on the streets you'd be pretty intimidated... But that would have to wear off the minute you realized the thing had no friggin' arms. I guess if it were to head-butt you it could grab your face... but even then, what next? Maybe it turns around and kicks you with its horse legs... though I've never seen horse legs like that... Which works... cause this thing doesn't exist except for the darkest corners of my incredibly bored (and obviously un-schooled) mind.

Well anyway, enjoy this. You've officially been given 4 blogs in one day. Don't come running to me tomorrow when I haven't updated a dag gone thing!

The things I do for you,
~ Mark

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