Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Since my time at Fidelity, I've been doing some contracting work for various companies. One in particular has been more than a joy to work with. They're called ::play::, an ad agency specializing in the criminal justice department. In my time there, I've designed a couple of animated banners (I just can't get away from it... I suppose it's my calling) which are now currently running on The first banner I created for them was for a company called Nortpointe. If you click on the image above, you can see the finished product. Or go to and refresh until you see it at the top... though if you're reading this blog 20 years from now, I doubt you'll see it... Yes. You are reading the past.

The second banner I did, which went through a number of revisions from the client, was for a company called Law Enforcement Dynamics. I'm most proud of my first round with this banner, but I'm still pleased with the end result, which, again, you may view by clicking the above image, or refreshing corrections webpage.

And last but not least, this banner was for a company called Bob Barker, a clothing distributor for inmates and prisons... yes, bringing all you criminals the latest in fashion. You'll be sure to turn some heads in prison. Like the others, click above to see it, or do the corrections thing. I'm sure these paragraphs are obnoxiously repetitive, my apologies... which may be viewed at or by clicki- oh forget it.

In conclusion, I owe a great deal of credit to Fidelity Investments for the hours and hours of banner work they had me do, I felt as though I was immediately prepared to tackle the above banners before any information was even given to me. ::play:: was happy with the work, and as a result I've received a number of new jobs from them, which is good, because I gots to pay the bills!

::play:: with me!
~ Mark

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