Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marianelli Rising

So there was a post I had which displayed a drawing titled "Doom Bunny VS Giant Schnauzer", which was a Christmas gift for my brother, whom I spoke of in my last post. Along with that drawing, I also illustrated our family as Jedi... probably not the most original thing in the world, but I've been wanting to draw it for like, 10 years. I'm also hoping my brother will make these characters out of clay before I die of old age... though, this is unlikely. He refuses. I will call him Abel from now on.

I guess you'd have to know us to understand the humor in this drawing. Matthew, the creator of the Doom Bunny from the other post, is decked out in yellow (he's an avid Steelers fan). He's also rocking a very short robe... we have a running gag of accusing him of wearing short shorts... he doesn't, but we enjoy crushing his spirit from time to time.

Brian is a Southern Darth Vader... mainly because he's evil, partly because he has asthma... but mostly the evil thing... which is also the reason I am Darth Maul... and no, not because he was the most flamboyant Sith in the series!

My father, the pinnacle of wisdom in our family... and the world, in my opinion, is portraying Yoda. And last, but not least... because she'd kill me if I referred to her as the least... is my mother. There actually wasn't a whole lot of reason for her being one of those weird aliens with the eerie tentacles coming out of their heads other than we get a kick out of picking on her.

So yeah, I wrote more than necessary for a knock-off Star Wars picture... but I like this drawing.

We're not really evil,
~ Mark

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