Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Good Friends

This was my first real album cover I ever designed. It was for my friend's band, "Two Good Friends". There overall theme was based off a kids book called, can you guess? Two Good Friends. It was a story about a Duck and a Bear... beyond that, I don't know the details. They're a really good band... and not in that local crap band kind of way, I mean, VERY talented, so I was kind of flattered to do this for them.

We went with the storybook their band was themed after for the overall design. Representing the two original members as the bear and the duck. Their bass player, Derrick, I decided to make a turtle... mainly because he made this face that creeped me out once that made him look like a turtle. I gave him a pink tie and beanie because he's a metro. Not in the insulting way, just in a very, "I like to wear pink" kind of way... in his defense, he makes it look good. I can't wear pink... I can barely rock brown without Photoshoping my own picture.

Their lineup has changed over the years, but at the time I designed this cover, they had a trombone player named Mark Houseman... whom we called House... because he was about 7 feet tall. So he didn't get an animal, he got the house the animals live in... with a trombone chimney... whatever, it's a kids book, does it really require that much thought?

You have a lovely home,
~ Mark

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