Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six AM Comics Dot Com

My first real website came in the form of a collaboration between two good High School friends and myself. Six AM Comics. The idea of this site is really just to create humor, develop artistic communities, and look at life and laugh without bias or agenda. My friend Kevin and I work on a web comic through this site called "Scholars", which is basically our High School experience set in a college setting. Dan writes and illustrates a webcomic called "Honestly", which is more comically abstract in nature. Through our blog, Dan and myself write and illustrate our own shorter versions of our web comics which are respectively titled "Lites". Not usually as detailed or character driven as our full comics, but meant as quick laughs while we work on the real comics.

The name of the site comes from the fact that we would usually finish our projects at around six in the morning, which I suppose was when we were more creative... it was more like a natural high to be physically exhausted.

Through this site we also try to focus on developing a flash game named "Turble", which is meant as a homage to the classic style of sidescroller gaming. Another game titled "Sonuva" is also in development. Each of our portfolios are posted on this site as well. Dan's Portfolio focuses on more flyer/pamphlet/calander driven graphic design, Kevin's is focused on Marketing, whereas mine is focused on Illustration and Flash Design.

Six AM Comics is actually a portfolio piece in itself for me, as I designed and developed it using Flash. I found it odd when it came time to work on the portfolios section to actually write "THIS SITE" as a portfolio piece, so this is actually the first time I'm acknowledging it as such. I often struggled with how to portray the site, the final idea came to me in the shower one day and I had the site finished within a week or so.

The site itself has gone through a number of revisions throughout the years, at one point it was meant to look like a mac desktop, and before this an eyeball with arrows sticking out of it which pointed to your comic of choice. This however is the first time since its start that it can be considered "finished".

Wake up and smell the funny,
~ Mark

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