Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frontier Gate: Londonderry

There was a game that my brothers and I would play online called "Hellgate:London". For kicks I drew the three of us as our respective in-game personas. For some reason I always lean towards the more evil characters... as you can see, my character has pet demons... You might also notice that the game title has been scribbled out and replaced. Yeah well, we feared certain circles of our social lives would find offense in the game's true title, so when we spoke of the game we would call it "Frontier Gate".

It's a fun little concept that you kids at home can try too. Replace the bad words with obscure G-Rated words and nobody even cares about what you're talking about. On the off chance that somebody actually asks what it is, you can continue the little game by replacing other words. So in this case, Hellgate London is about an apocalyptic future where a portal to Hell opened up and demons took over London... probably because it's dark and gloomy, just like home for a hellspawn! So you say, "Hey mom, sorry I'm late, we were playing Frontier Gate", mom says, "Frontier Gate? What's that?" and the response can be "Frontier Gate is about a distant future where a wormhole to the planet Mars opened up and Martians took over London...Derry... Londonderry, NH" Why did I replace London do you ask? Because I'm sure there's someone out there who finds that city offensive... like a Puritan. So basically you haven't changed the plot at all, just the characters and the settings... it'd be like saying Terminator 2 stars Sylvester Stallone and takes place in... Chicago. It's not really wrong, it's more like a paralell universe... would you call a paralell universe a liar?

That's all I got.
~ Mark

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