Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So my brother is getting married in less than a month... some consider this a victory, others a defeat. As a designer, I consider it opportunity. Weddings mean monograms, monograms mean design... design means something to do. So they gave me something to do and asked me to design their monogram for the wedding.

Opportunity or not, this was actually one of the trickier things I've been asked to work on as a designer. I normally do Illustration and Interactive design... logo's are few and far between, and monograms are even farther. I've never really worked with fancy patterns and scripted fonts. So this was, to say the least, a challenge. I did some research online only to find that 90% of the monograms out there... well... suck.

So I basically winged it on this one. Originally I was making all the design options in one color... black. That's just what was out there when I looked up these design delights. My future sister-in-law requested that the monogram be in red and brown, the colors for the dresses and whatnot. The only other requirement was that the K be before the B. This was non-negotiable. She claimed that it was traditional to have the bride's name first... but I still wonder...

Here comes the Bride... so move!
~ Mark

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