Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sonuva part XXXIV

Had some time today to work on... Seriously, I need a freaking name for this guy. In any case, his animations now include: Ducking, Falling, Dead, Blocking, Ducking while Blocking, moving forward and backward (typically I'd call it "walking", but he doesn't really walk so much as he just glides), and getting hit. I'm very satisfied with that. You should be as well. So what's left for the ol' Demon-Man? Two crouching attacks, one more aerial attack, two special attacks and a finishing move... Yeah, cake... Sigh.

In addition to finishing up some animation work, DG2P, AKA Transit 161, AKA my go-to guy for all things audio, has offered to do some sound FX for the game... Which means this game is going to have some KILLER sounds... When it comes to something audible, Daniel does not disappoint. Ya'heard?

So yeah, you can view the new animations at the following link:

Hope y'all dig it... And don't mind his name, kids; if he were really a demon, he wouldn't need rockets on his feet... Of course, that doesn't explain why the demons in "DOOM" needed cybernetic implants...

~ Mark

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1 comment:

  1. He's coming along pretty sweet man. I dig it.
    Heres some possible name suggestions:

    Space plague
    Terror cherub
    Proto swine
    The amazing flying man