Monday, June 7, 2010

Sonuva part XXXI

I'd like to have a total of 10 characters for Son'Uva... SO... Here's a ninth!

I don't have a name for this fighter yet, so he's just going under the working title of "demon" until I can figure out something worth while... I may need to confer with "The Keith" on this one, he has an uncanny ability for applying names to fiction... I fear for his children...

If anybody follows this blog, then you may remember some illustrations I did back in December for my brother involving clowns and high-tech demon suits... This character is straight out of those drawings... And no, I won't be making a clown character... yet. I'm hoping he'll end up being pretty unique in comparison to the others... but in all honestly, I haven't the foggiest of what his moves will be. If you'd like to view his basic stance animation, click the image to the left.

I'm currently deciding between two other characters to be the tenth fighter... more on that when I feel like being decisive. Till' then...

enjoy... ENJOY!!
~ Mark

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  1. Oh my gosh Mark!, I am a hot babe and you are the hottest graphic designer ever! and I want to do you!

  2. Yes, I am a woman too and I would also like to be did by you..

  3. Wow nice, dude this ones my favorite. I would call it Loki, after the Norse equivalent of the devil. or maybe Loki jr? Chibi-loki? Baby-Loki?

  4. Your alter egos and their poor grammar never cease to turn me on, The Keith... Thank God I live alone.

    Isn't Loki taken by Marvel? Haha, how about Lil' Loki, he can be a part-time rapper.

  5. ill bust some caps in some asses.

    also, i believe Racquelwyn Oceana is the next character with her signature shoulder fighting move.