Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sonuva part XXXIX

So I've decided on the final character in the Son'Uva roster... There may be more, but they won't be anything more than color swaps and re-skins for the time being. What I needed was one more female character for the sake of variety. There were a couple of fighters in the lineup which I was narrowing down... You might remember a few of them from previous posts. It turned out they were a little bit too complicated to create quickly... Speed is a factor at this point in the game, I'm getting tired of animating fighters.

... Not to mention my girl wanted to be in the game. I aim to please, Rach. I was a little cautious about placing a female character in this game (yeah, Son'Uva's a female, but she's not really all that human), mainly because I don't want anything about Son'Uva to come off as misogynistic... But then I thought about the first time I played Mortal Kombat... I have to admit, I felt a little disturbed the first time I performed a Fatality on Sonya Blade... However, next time I played she beat me, blew a kiss, and disintegrated my ninja carcass... Oh, all bets were off after that. In the end, just take games like this with a grain of salt and pretend all characters have signed a release form...

... Or just always play as this character and win. Simple.

Anyway, the new character is named "Gazael" (You're not going to understand the name). I've been working on a background for her, but it needs some fine tuning; Her story will tie in with Azriel and Legacy... And her attacks bear a striking similarity to both. A lot of her moves are going to be inside jokes with me and the wonderful lady they're based off of (like that awesome shoulder pad she's sporting), but I'm hoping that'll prove interesting enough in the long run to make her character memorable. I think she's a cool addition to the game... Not to mention green is a color I haven't incorporated into any of the fighters at this point... I leave no colors behind!! The green is also a bit of a nod to Sonya.

I've finished up her basic stance as well as her two basic standing attacks... You can view them at the following link:

So there you have it. With that, I'm off to bed.

You're welcome, Rach:)
~ Mark

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  1. oh my freaking AWW!

    didn't think you'd ever actually do it!

    thanks, baby ;)