Monday, June 14, 2010

Sonuva part XXXV

I'm gonna go with "Archfiend", well played, The Keith, I knew you'd come through...

So yeah, once Demon, now Archfiend... which apparently means the same thing, just sounds cooler. Anyway, I'm almost finished with his animations, I just need to animate 2 Special attacks and then his finisher... Then about 100 animations of him getting finished off via opponents and stages... Sigh... The life of a... animator? illustrator? artist? Not sure what you wanna call me... I'll go with whatever so long as it's not mean... I'm very sensitive.

I was able to finish his air attacks, duck attacks and throw. I'm happy with them, though I have to admit, there was a lot of regurgitation going on with this animation... You may pick up on it... But hopefully you won't. We're coming up on the finish line with these characters, so I'm rushing like a crazy man to get them finished and move onto more fun things... Like MAKING the game. There's a couple of options left for the last character... Then I may consider some color-swapped secret characters just for kicks...

But this is all probably boring to you... Please enjoy the animations for Archfiend:

Aight... Feedback is always appreciated... so long as it's more compliments than critiques... playful winky face.

Yay for me,
~ Mark

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