Friday, June 4, 2010

An older post of mine was about a website I designed for a friend's band, "Nawset". Their drummer, Paul (AKA Woggster) contacted me a while back about doing a personal website for him... To which I excitedly accepted. I probably didn't mention it in my last post, but these are a cool group of very talented guys... So I was pretty flattered.

In any case, his site is finally completed and ready to be shown to the world!! ... Er, whoever he and I tell about it I guess... You can view it here:

Just a quick rundown of the site... As I mentioned earlier, Woggster is a drummer... So the purpose of this site is to basically have something live that he can show to other musicians and hopefully get him some gigs and/or teaching positions or whatnot. All in all, this is how you get your name out there. The site itself is meant to express who the Woggster is... So you'll notice that there's a lot of graffiti/street art on this site... While it's not art created by Wog, it's something which expresses who he is and what he's into... Inspiration, really. So I used some of his personal favs as icons for the site navigation; A Star Wars AT-AT Walker with a peace chain, Alfred Hitchcock holding a sign that says life is beautiful, a banana wearing pajamas, etc...

The Bio Page took the most amount of effort... And it's my personal favorite. On the right is Woggster's life story, and to the left is a run down of various drum-set arrangements which he uses. What's cool about this is you can rollover each drum and it will display what type of drum it is and will also play a sound clip of that particular drum... So you can basically play the drums on this site. I don't care if it makes me egotistical, but it's pretty awesome. I love it. He loves it. You will love it. LOVE IT!

One of the things that I think is cool about Woggster, is that he's very humble and gives some serious shout-outs to the people who taught him and inspired him... So much so that rather than just write up a quick "Thank you" section at the end of his bio, he wanted to devote an entire page to the people who have made him the musician he is today... And he does more than just list their names, he writes up a description of that person and how they contributed to his own skill. Clicking on the name of the person on this page will bring up a wndow which grays out the rest of the site.

The Pic/Vid section of the site is exactly what it's labeled as... A picture/video page. The picture section is just a collection of art which inspires Woggster as well as some photos of the Wog himself. If you rollover the edges of the thumbnails, the thumbnails will scroll left and right. There's about 50 pictures total. Clicking on the video section just gives you a link to Woggster's youtube channel.

The "Discussions/Comments" section is your basic Q n' A page with a list of questions that Woggster generally gets asked and then the answer/description is displayed when you click on the question...

You'll notice a floating illustration of the Wog levitating in magical awesomeness, surrounded by an equally mystical drumset... The bass drum displays a logo I created for the site... It's a "W" made out of perfect circles (not to be mistaken with the band)... Clicking on this image will bring you back to the homepage.

There's also two "Coming Soon" pages... These are for the "Tour Dates/Info" and "PDF Download" sections... I wasn't lazy, there's simply no information to be displayed there at this time... But they're pretty nice coming soon pages nonetheless... I like em'...

So there you have it! Now if you will, please go there and give The Wog your support... Seriously, the guy's a sick drummer, support the crap out of him.

~ Mark

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