Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abundant Life Redo Part 1

Truth is, I haven't worked on anything today... but I want to post something creative otherwise I'll feel lazy...

Yesterday's blog mentioned the "Abundant Life" comic... which was linked to a blog I wrote last year which talked about how I've been redoing the comic given my skill level in comparison to when I originally started drawing it back in 2001... Run-on sentence? Anyway, rather than waiting until its finished to show anyone what I've been working on with it, I'd rather start getting it out there and hope that'll inspire me to finish it before I'm 30... Which is reasonable seeing as the "Abundant Life" concept was started nearly a decade ago... So sad.

So here's the first couple of panels... There's more, which I'll save for another day that I don't get anything accomplished... which may very well be tomorrow. I feel incredibly lazy this week.

Sooo... That's 12 of 34 to date... You'll just have to wait for the rest, loves.

Abundantly yours in Life,
~ Mark

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