Monday, June 21, 2010

Sonuva part XXXX

Wow, there's seriously 40 posts on my blog devoted to this game... unbelievable. There will probably be over a hundred by the time this game is actually finished... Lucky you!

So I've had a little bit of time tonight to devote to Gazael. I have her jumping animation finished as well as one of her special attacks... You'll notice after watching the updated animation that Gazael has a lot of animations in common with Azriel... not copied, just similar. If you haven't guessed it, she's a fighter of supernatural origins... It seems any time I decide to give a character wings, they turn out the coolest. Thus, I'm very happy with how this character is coming along...

Gazael's special attack is nothing all that original... in fact, I'm pretty sure the Mortal Kombat series used about three or so variations of it for some of its more memorable characters... And there's no shame in that... Basically she jumps in the air, disappears in a cross-shaped blaze, then reappears at the bottom of the screen and uppercuts the opponent. Credits roll.

You can view her updated animations here:

Not a ton else to report... I've been putting together some character bios to use for cutscene's and intros... Nothing to really report on there though...

Go to bed, foo!
~ Mark

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