Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sonuva part XXXXIII

Gazael... She's pretty darn cool. I've finished up her two jumping attacks... Her first being similar in nature to her basic standing attack where she summons a giant glowing fist from her hand and (in theory) devastates her opponent... The other jumping attack is a flying kick, much like Sadis-Jyn's jumping attack... Can you tell how creative I am tonight? ... I literally had to download the Rocky IV soundtrack tonight to get motivated enough to work on this... If you're a dude, you know the songs I'm talkin' bout... I'm talkin' about "Training Montage" baby! Oh man, if there was snow outside right now, I'd be SO running in it.

You know the routine:

Seriously, how awesome were the 80's?

Not that I remember them that well,
~ Mark

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