Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sonuva part XXXXI

I didn't really have any time tonight to work on Gazael (or Legacy for that matter), so I figured I'd create a hidden character by color swapping Azriel. Basically just the same concept as Nark.

The fighter's name is "Maith"... My good friend Edgell came up with this character and unfortunately I wasn't able to incorporate him into the game as a regular fighter... He also looks nothing like the guy Edge concepted, which I'm pretty disappointed about, it was a sick design... Sadly, none of the other fighters when color swapped carried Maith's appearance well enough to do him justice. I may still create Maith as a stand-alone fighter if time permits and give this guy a new name later on, but for now, he's pretty cool I think.

Feel free to check out his stance animation here:


I probably won't get to anymore work on this game until Thursday, so tomorrow I'll most likely be posting more Abundant Life comic panels... Which may or may not make you excited... Not my problem... winky face.

Emoticons for the blind,
~ Mark

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  1. So,

    He's cool and all, but are those stink lines coming off him?


  2. LoL, I don't know, I was thinking more just an evil smokey red mist coming off of him... That could always go if it comes off as stink:/