Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sonuva part XXXVIII

So my frustration with the state of the NBA has forced me to create Archfiend's finisher... I like to imagine the "finishee" is Kobe Bryant. What a turd... But yeah, this finisher is pretty violent (as they all are), so if that sort of thing is too disturbing for you... Or if there's a child in the room whom you don't want viewing blood n' gore, then I would advise against clicking the link blow... despite how awesome it is.

In any case, Archfiend is finished!! Below you can view his final moveset animations, now complete with two finishers. His second finisher is a projectile, he basically creates a flame with his rocket feet and swings his weapon into the flame, creating a fiery wave at his opponent. I think it's pretty cool... Besides, everybody needs a projectile... Duh.

You can view Archfiend's final moveset here:

Aight, I'm off to go be peeved over a stupid game... Soooo... Night!

~ Mark

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  1. Yeah, That's pretty fricken violent dude, you must really have it in for Kobe.

  2. Heh, did you see last night's game? ... This is why I don't watch sports...